The Beginning

So this is the first real blog that I have ever done. I used to keep a blog on myspace which was limited too the public. This is a blog that will be based off of everything and everything that is effecting me and or those around me. My name is Steven Haws and I will make my life an open book too those who wishes too read it.. I am going to tell the world as I view it, day by day in what I hopes is the reality for everyone else too see it. I will use a certain descreation in some of the things I will say but that is too keep peace. I will post about my son Ezra Maddrox Haws, and my wife Natayla. I may or maynot use and or the names will be changed.  But the Three including my self are real names and they are dear too me.

What is it that I will to attain through this?  more then likely absolutely nothing what so ever. but my own egotistical thoughts that people who read this may be able to relate. I am actually not expecting traffic through here. If there is.. cool. Then I am happy.



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